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Boiler pressure too high.? | Mend Vokera Home Heatin

Boiler pressure too high.? I have a Vokera Compact and noticed the pressure is almost 3.5. How do I reduce the pressure? There is also a small leak from one of the pipes immediately below the unit. Stu.

How to Lower the PSI Pressure on a Weil McLain Boiler - Hunk

The Weil McLain boiler has an auto-fill valve that is designed to prevent the boiler from accumulating too much water pressure. However, you must set this valve to the proper limit or else it will not shut off the water supply early enough.

worcester condensing boiler high pressure - MyBuild

Worcester condensing boiler high pressure. Hello My boiler pressure is too high, it is in the red zone on three and has been like this for around a month since returning from holiday. While I was away the weather was quite cold so thought maybe because I had thermostat turned right down this was why, but pressure seems to have been at 3 almost

Hot water boiler pressure always too high - DoItYoursel

Hot water boiler pressure always too high A couple of years ago, the relief valve on my boiler kept blowing off and/or dripping constantly. I replaced it, but should have saved my money because the new one did the same thing.

Combi boiler pressure too high? | DIYnot Foru

The boiler is all working fine, ie heating the water when needed etc. I also have the central heating to come on every day for about 20 minutes just to keep the central heating going over the summer. The boiler was serviced in February and all was ok. The lights on the front of the boiler are showing the boiler is working fine.

How do I adjust my boiler pressure properly? – Energui

What if the pressure in my boiler is too high? Your boiler deals with this itself.It is equipped with a safety valve which releases the excess pressure.That means it’s perfectly normal to see a drop of water on this valve from time to time.

Boiler pressure too high then too low - MyBuild

Hello! I have a vaillant boiler and the pressure on the pressure gauge jumps way too high into the red zone when the central heating is on, when I turn it off it drops to below 1.0 bar.

What Pressure Should My Boiler Be? Making Sure Your Boile

They will cut out when the pressure falls too low and some models do the same when the pressure is too high. So if the pressure is too low, your boiler will turn off and you won’t have any hot water. Alternatively, high boiler pressure puts unnecessary strain and the system could break down. What pressure should my boiler be?


So I set it to 1Bar and the operating pressure remained rock solid, and I observed it over the next seven days, although the operating pressure remained steady each day it had increased until by the end of the week it had reached 3Bar,over the same period the cold pressure decreased and I had to top up with water.

How dangerous is it if your boiler pressure is well hig

How dangerous is it if your boiler pressure is well high? Discussion in 'suburban75' started by scumbalina, Feb 2, 2010. The key is for *increasing* pressure when, as tends to happen over time, it loses a little. If it loses too much, a safety cutout switches off the boiler, which can be annoying. The boiler should have a low pressure

Combi Boiler Pressure Too High *When O

Combi Boiler Pressure Too High *When On* 28th Jan 14 at 7:28 PM #1 ; We were lucky enough to inherit a Worcester boiler with our house (28i Junior to be precise). Never had a problem with it, or the CH system.